Introduction to Dwelling with Dementia

This blog will be tracking some of the design investigations that we are undertaking in the home of a Person with Dementia. Specifically, it is our home, where a parent with mid-late stage Alzheimer’s Disease will be cared for.

We are looking at what the current research in environmental design and care approaches recommends and proceed to test out these theories and our own design hypotheses against the behaviour of the Person with Dementia – we will measure agitation and anxiety for instance as well as positive responses.

As we proceed, defining and describing the types of behaviours that we will be looking for will be important since we are using behaviour as a measure of success or failure. We will also reference our sources of information and recommend that you follow up with your own research and make your own determination. We will associate costs with our design choices where it is appropriate. Providing care whether at home or in a private (i.e. long-term care) facility is costly to families – and to the community.

Exploring the costs associated with the best possible care choices and educated design decisions we feel will reveal that better design and training, stronger community connections and city design to nurture those connections will result in less overall individual and community costs. We will be exploring this thesis in our design trials and discussing them in this blog.

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