Where to start – Links for information on starting your home renovation

Planning a home renovation or addition – where to start.

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to consider a home renovation, below are a couple of points to consider when planning out your project.

Your designer can also help guide you through and navigate this process.

Sources of further information:

1-The City of Ottawa (311), Building Department or http://ottawa.ca/en/residents/homeowners/building-and-renovating  can be contacted or referred to with any questions that you may have regarding your renovation.

2-You can review your zoning information at: http://maps.ottawa.ca/geoOttawa/ (type in your address) if your renovation may include an addition or exterior work. 

General Guides:


Specific Zoning Breakdown:


3-CHMC – Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation


For initial steps on renovating your home refer to:



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