How we start and where we stand:

The firm was built on a philosophy of collaboration in service to achieving a great building project. This collaborative model includes all team members who come into a project throughout its life, most especially the Owner and Contractor who are at the centre of the project’s life and manifestation.

Feeling that the integrity of a building project, begins with trust between team members and good communication on a project team, Nicole and Alain partnered in Architecture &c. to create a business that is built from cooperation and strives to serve the public through architecture.

We value technical excellence and constructability in our designs. A design is only as good as its ability to be built efficiently and function at a high level. This expertise is one of our most important skills that we offer on any job assessment.

We build teams first, to create successful projects from planning and concepts, to the nuts and bolts of the building itself. The better we understand the client’s need and achieve good communication through listening, the better the solution will be.

We also believe that the built environment communicates with you and allows you to communicate through it. It can nurture and heal, or it can alienate and dissociate the users who experience it. Building towards a developmentally nourishing and emotionally healing architecture using first principles of building technology and architectural design is our approach.

Any building project, large or small, uses a great many resources in an effort to be completed. Being conscientious about decisions regarding these resources, which include the human investment, the financial investment and the value of the environmentally and socially sustainable, is a foundation of Architecture &c.’s mandate.

Architecture &c.

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