Project Planning and Assessment : 

If you are looking for helpful advice about starting your project or assessing whether you wish to proceed with a building project at this time, we can offer you feedback and guidance to navigate the project planning stage.

Building Condition Assessment and Feasibility Studies:

Do you require an overview of your building’s performance, including the condition of its envelope or its ability or inability to meet the current code requirements for energy efficiency, accessibility and/or building construction? We can get you started and advise you on next steps.

Are you looking to assess how your building or home is meeting your current or anticipated needs? We can provide review and assessment.

Custom Home Design, Additions and Renovations:

We are expert renovators. If you want a new custom home that reflects you and your needs or are looking for a renovation and addition that can transform your home we will be happy to sit down with you and help you create your dream project. We provide renderings and 3d modelling to assist you with visualizing the final product as well.

Commercial Office and Retail Fit-ups and Renovations:

Architecture &c.’s two partners have over 30 years of experience working mainly in commercial fit-ups and renovations. We are experts at navigating the complex requirements of code, design and refit that any owner will face when undertaking this type of work. We also pride ourselves on pushing the envelope of great design to create interior spaces that challenge and entice the user.


We have started a new aspect of our firm which is in the area of Design Research. We are focusing on Design for Dementia and best practices in Learning and Developmental Design. Our initial focus will look at the latest in Dementia Care and offer insights into the realities of the recommendations through the design of the home for care.

We are also focusing some research on the Building Envelope with a view to exploring some of the latest available technology and its value in a design scenario.

We are always looking for research partners. Please give us a shout if you have an idea that you would like to collaborate on.


Architecture &c.

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